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Empowering your Success in the Indian Market ​

Taevas is at the forefront of this expansion, supporting businesses as they navigate and conquer new markets. Our comprehensive range of services for the life sciences include

Market access solutions
Why Taevas?

Simplifying Your Market Entry Amidst Complexity

Pioneering Global Vision

Pioneering Global Vision

Founded in 2019, we have carved a niche as go-to people for seamless market entry in 19+ countries, turning global expansion challenges into growth opportunities. 

Market Entry Acumen

Market Entry Acumen​

Our unparalleled expertise in regulatory compliance and precision-crafted go-to-market strategies make global expansion not just achievable, but effortlessly efficient.

360° Brand Custodianship

360° Brand Custodianship

Our 360° brand custodianship doesn’t just usher businesses into new markets; we propel them to new heights, ensuring they outshine competitors and achieve scalable growth. 

Precision-Driven Industry Expertise​

Precision-Driven Expertise​

Whether it’s Medical Devices, Pharmaceuticals, Food Supplements, or Cosmetics, we tailor strategies with industry-specific precision, making us the partner of choice for global aspirations. 

Embarking on Success with Taevas

Embarking on Success with Taevas

Taevas stands ready to serve as your custom-fit partner in India, catering to your unique business requirements.

As Your Market Entry Partner
  • As your Indian Authorized Representative (IAR), we ensure your regulatory compliance
  • We identify potential distributors for your products and facilitate initial connections
  • You will lead the further development of these distributor relationships
As Your Commercial Partner
  • Along with being your IAR, we also act as your centralized distributor in India
  • We identify and appoint local distributors in different regions of India, creating a wide and efficient distribution network
  • You can focus on your core business, while we handle the complexities of distribution
As Your Operational Partner
  • Along with being your IAR, we also initiate the building of your local presence in India
  • We put together a dedicated team who takes charge of sales partnerships and manages the nuances of business operations
  • We ‘Build’ the infrastructure and set up processes; we ‘Operate’ the business, and when you feel ready, we ‘Transfer’ the control to you

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